Monday 2 - Thursday 5 November


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Monday 2 - Thursday 5 November, Online

Global Perspectives Experience was an immersive online event to create, connect and contribute.

Global Perspectives Experience

Global Perspectives Experience was a four-day online event that gathered national and international civil society organisation leaders, innovators and activists from around the world to have honest conversations about inclusion!

Global Perspectives


Inclusion – the process by which all voices are heard, everyone can take action and fundamental rights are protected – is key to civil society organisations’ work, and pertinent as the COVID-19 crisis is likely to exacerbate marginalisation in the long run. We must put inclusion at the heart of our processes to ensure effective programming and advocacy to the crisis.

The 2020 Global Perspectives Experience provided a space to reflect on what inclusion should look like, how we can continually improve our inclusion practices and continue to engage a range of actors.


Online Experience

The virtual platform will be available for a month for on-demand videos and networking among our participants.

Sponsors & Partners

Thank you to our sponsors and partners. We could not have done this online experience without their support and inspiration.