9 November



Welcome to Global Perspectives - Moments of Truth

At the heart of Global Perspectives lies a commitment to fostering innovative sector conversations, pushing the boundaries of dialogue. Our aim is to provide a dynamic space for in-depth discussions on the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the international civil society sector. 

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  • Free for Everyone: This is an inclusive event and everyone is welcome to join.
  • Fully Online: Join from anywhere in the world.
  • Central Session on Sector State: Gain insights into the current state of the sector, setting the stage for meaningful discussions. 
  • Networking Opportunities: Utilise Whova, our integrated platform, to connect with fellow participants, present materials, and actively participate in sessions. 

On the Agenda

At this year’s conference, we embark on a series of sessions addressing the challenges and opportunities in the international civil society sector. Our discussions will delve into questions such as how sincerely committed the sector is to transform, the pursuit of diversity and inclusion, and navigating the complexities of mis- and disinformation amplified by Artificial Intelligence. Join us as we collectively explore how civil society can not only adapt to an unknown future but actively shape it, true to our values and ambitions. Welcome to Global Perspectives 2023, where we ready ourselves for the future of international civil society – one “Moment of Truth” at a time. 


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5 Key Discussions

  • A Sector Conversation: The Common Agenda Beyond Silos
  • Exploring Personal Realities: Unveiling the experiences of marginalisation and ways (I)CSOs can foster inclusivity and support marginalised groups’ access to power
  • Learn From and Engage on Futures Scenarios for Civic Space
  • The Truth is in the Telling: Shifting the Power in Communications
  • AI: Solution or Threat to Mis/Disinformation?


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