25 October – 4 November


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Let’s Talk About Power!

Running as a hybrid experience, Global Perspectives 2021 will gather an exciting range of civil society actors to engage in interactive formats and discussions.



Global Perspectives 2021

Our event will run as a hybrid experience on the topic of Power Shift. This unique interactive format awaits up to 100 participants. We are determined to give our communities the chance, once again, to immerse themselves in topics and workshops, devising common strategies to deal with major trends, challenges and opportunities.

This year, we will be providing global and regional perspectives – holding in-person meetings in three hubs in East Africa, South East Asia and Latin America, and broadcasting their discussions online throughout the week to deliver insights and identify new connections.

Global Perspectives


We will focus on civil society sector approaches to create a more just and impactful way of fighting for social, political and climate justice, and accelerate the overdue power shifts in decision-making, financing and operations in their work. CSOs are unlearning and deconstructing current cultural norms that benefit from hierarchical worldviews, and moving towards locally-led and globally connected operations.  

With three pillars in focus: de-concentrating data and digitalisationdecolonising aid and organisational structures, and embracing new power, we will bring in futurists and forward thinkers to support and challenge participants.



Hybrid Experience

Our online programme agenda will allow participants to take part in discussions, polls, small group-chats, and, of course, to enjoy those important networking opportunities.

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