Global Perspectives 2019

At Global Perspectives plenaries and parallel workshops will focus on three pillars, moving consecutively through these over the course of the conference. The three pillars are:

Pillar 1

The Changing Environment

Today, CSOs' operating environment is increasingly authoritarian and populist. Some are openly hostile to the values of civil society. This leaves CSOs and other global institutions in a challenging situation that requires revised strategies.

Pillar 2

The Role of CSOs

How CSOs can engage more strongly with people, strengthen accountability and build adequate power relations in their organisations is an ongoing challenge that is being undertaken with fresh approaches and new partnership models.

Pillar 3

Exploring the Unwritten Future

What will trust and legitimacy look like in five
years from now? What trends are likely to affect development? Possible
scenarios for the international community and what it takes to develop a flourishing
global civil society.

Plenary: Opportunities for legitimacy and impact

Day 1: 14:00 - 15.45

  • International Civic Society Centre and Somalia NGO Consortium
  • How to make lemonade out of lemons? Let’s be inspired by stories of challenges and opportunities
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  • International Civil Society Centre and JustLabs
  • The authors of our first ever innovation report introduce the approach and recommendations from its analysis of 14 CSO case studies, with reflections and questions for some of those involved.
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Workshops: Engaging with the Innovation Report Case Studies

Day 1: 16:15-17:30

  • Using new digital tools and tactics to build support for LGBT+ rights in Brazil
  • Learn lessons from All Out’s ‘transformational’ innovation in Brazil, using WhatsApp and new partnership approaches to engage new supporter audiences
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  • Being popular without being populist: Speaking to all sections of society in Switzerland
  • Learn lessons from Operation Libero’s ‘transformational’ innovation promoting a progressive vision for Switzerland and engaging broad public support in respond to right-wing populism
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  • Creating an alternative digital youth-led space in Burundi
  • Learn lessons from the Citizen’s Voice ‘transformational’ innovation in Burundi, providing the creative framework, tools and tactics to engage young people at scale with inclusive and plural dialogues.
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  • Building Resilient Roots and primary constituency accountability in India
  • Learn lessons from Video Volunteers’ ‘transformational’ innovation using digital tools and tactics to engage its primary constituents in new models of inclusive training and organisational decision-making and governance
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Plenary: CSO impact in a new era

Day 2: 9.00 – 10.30

  • Save the Children Ethiopia, Agency for Civil Society Organizations Ethiopia, Transparency Ethiopia, Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association, Ethiopian Civil Society Organizations Forum, Oxfam International
  • Recent reforms for civil society in Ethiopia: What do these reforms - promising the sector more freedom and opportunity - mean for Ethiopian CSOs? How did Ethiopian civil society get through difficult times? What can we learn from the Ethiopian experience?
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Workshops: Strengthening Resilience and Impact in Times of Scutiny

Day 2: 11.00 – 12.15

  • Hope wins: a practical strategy for civil society to change narratives
  • A practical workshop on the techniques civil society needs to win debates and change minds, where you will learn new tools for engaging audiences and develop new values-based messages.
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  • Building Organizational Resiliency in Times of Changing Civic Space
  • This session invites CSOs to share their approaches to remaining resilient in today’s global civic environment. Discussions will be contextualized within PartnersGlobal’s Resiliency+ Framework.
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  • Localization and partnerships: how to improve with the Localization Measurement Performance Framework?
  • Join us to discover a tool which will support your organization to understand how you work with your partners, to establish a baseline in different fields of partnering and to work on improving, hand in hand.
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  • Using data to increase impact at country level
  • Join us to learn about the ways in which CSOs could increase their use of data and information to maximise the impact of their work at country level.
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Plenary: Re-envisioning Legitimacy and accountability

Day 2: 13:45 – 14:45

  • Accountable Now, Oxfam GB and Maecenata Institute
  • How can organisations turn the trend of declining trust in CSOs around and put integrity, accountability and legitimacy at the core of their actions?
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Workshops: New approaches to integrity and accountability

Day 2: 14:45-16:00

  • Feedback as a mechanism to reduce the gap between communities and power-holders
  • Engage in real-time learning from Citizen Helpdesks, a platform building feedback loops between communities and power-holders, and supporting them to co-create solutions for existing community challenges.
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  • Accountability: an essential ingredient to prove integrity and build trust
  • Join us to find out how to use the Global Standard as a tool to embedded Dynamic Accountability practices in your organisation and change the way civil society organisations work!
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  • Culture and why it determines your integrity and impact
  • How to build a consistent culture across an organisation creates internal accountability, protects organisational integrity and maximises impact.
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  • Oxfam, culture, and living our values: reflecting and learning as a sector
  • In this session, Oxfam will share some of their learning, thinking and experience around the complex task of transforming organisational culture in a global organisation.
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Plenary: Futures

Day 3: 09:00 – 10:10

  • TechSoup, ActionAid International
  • Which major trends are likely to affect civil society over the next five years? Is your organisation prepared for these trends that will affect your impact and legitimacy?
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Workshops: Being ready for a volatile future

Day 3: 10:15 - 11:15

  • Future worlds: daring to explore the unknown
  • Interactive session that explores complexity of the future, assesses how trends may shape our world over the next 10 years and break-up the future into manageable scenarios. The aim, identify ways of adapting our organisations to deliver our missions in a rapidly changing world.
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  • Surviving Digital Transformation: ensuring digital civil society
  • It is 3 a.m., do you know where your data is? Civil society is digitizing without regulation. Join us for a workshop on working toward the internet we want.
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Day 3: 11.45 – 12.45

  • International Civil Society Centre, WACSI, and other partners
  • So, that was an interesting conference. Now back to business as usual? No, don’t worry. We will provide you with some recipes for making lemons into delicious lemonade.
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