Global Perspectives 2018

On Thursday we'll be taking you into the heart of Berlin to visit the most exciting CSOs. In small groups, you will glean knowledge and insights into the start-up culture of organisations working for social good.

What's Happening in Berlin

17:00 - 20:00

  • Give Something Back To Berlin
  • Give Something Back To Berlin (GSBTB) is an award-winning project platform and network fostering community integration, intercultural dialogue and participation among Berlin’s diverse migrant populations. They work as a connector, creator and catalyst for all sorts of grassroots-driven social impact work and call it “making worlds meet working together for a better city”.
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  • Liquid Democracy
  • A charitable and non-partisan association working on Novel concepts and methods for digital citizen participation and the potential of the internet to create more accessible ways of decision making process.
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  • Maecenata Library
  • The Maecenata Library belongs to the Maecenata Foundation’s Tocqueville Forum, and is open to the public. Entertaining this library, the largest in the country that specializes in civil society and philanthropy, is part of the Maecenata Foundation’s mission, which is to strengthen civil society through research, public information, policy debates, and specific projects. The foundation is a think tank, and aims to join academic rigour to active support. During the site visit, the Exec. Director, Rupert Strachwitz, will introduce the foundation and its 5 programmes as well as the library.
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  • Mit Ost
  • The starting point and home for people who are committed to cultural exchange, civil society education and participation in Europe and its neighbouring regions.
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  • ReDi School
  • ReDI School of Digital Integration was founded in 2015 by a team convinced that technology can break down barriers and bring people together to build new solutions to old problems. The idea of ReDI was sparked by the insight that amongst the refugee population there are incredible talents eager to learn and eager to contribute, who could help fill the 55.000 open IT jobs in Germany.
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  • tbd*
  • tbd* supports those who are making a career out of changing the world by giving them access to the tools and opportunities they need to determine a better future.
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  • Youvo
  • Youvo offers a home to all creatives who want to support social concerns with their skills.
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